International Symposium on Muhammad al-Tanji


October 13-14,  2011, ANKARA, TURKEY


Ankara University Faculty of Theology and Marmara University Faculty of Theology are organizing an international symposium on Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī. The Organization Committee would welcome all scholarly contributions coming from academics, both from national and international universities. The Organization Committee has outlined the following main themes as a general framework of the Symposium:

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Personal and Scholarly Biography

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Works

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Thoughts

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Contributions to Islamic Scholarly Disciplines (Theology-History of Islamic Sects-Islamic Law-Qur’anic Studies)

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Contributions to Theological Studies

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Unpublished Articles

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: His Lost Studies on Manuscript Editing (al-Fihrist by Ibn al-Nadīm and al-Muqaddima by Ibn Khaldūn)

- Muammad b. Tāwīt al-anjī: In Memories


Symposium Schedule

Symposium Date and Place: October 13-14, 2011, Ankara, Turkey

Deadline for the Applications and Summaries: March 03, 2011

Announcement of the Accepted Papers: March 17, 2011

Deadline for the Symposium Papers: August 10, 2011

Publication of the Papers: TBA


Application Rules and Paper Requirements

- Symposium papers and their summaries may be written in Turkish, Arabic, or English.

- Paper summaries are expected to be around 300 words.

- Papers should be original works unpublished before.

- The font size of the main text and footnotes should be 12 and 10, respectively.

- Final version of the papers and summaries should be written and submitted in Microsoft Word file.

- Time duration for each paper is 20 minutes.

- Participants should send their papers together with their CVs and contact address information.

- Paper summaries and contact information should be send via e-mail to or  


Transportation and Accommodation

Please kindly note that transportation (bus, train, plain) and accommodation (food, hotel) will be provided by the Symposium Secretariat.


Symposium Coordinator

Prof. Sönmez Kutlu, Professor of History of Islamic Sects, Ankara University Faculty of Theology



Symposium Organization Committee

Prof. Sönmez Kutlu

Prof. İlyas Çelebi

Prof.Dr. Emel Kefeli

Prof. Ahmet Hikmet Eroğlu

Prof. Metin Yurdagür

Prof. Mahmut Ay

Associate Prof. Zülfikar Güngör


Symposium Secretariat

Assistant Prof. İbrahim Aslan


Research Assistant Hayrettin Nebi Güdekli


Research Assistant Armağan Atar

e-mail: and




Ankara University Faculty of Theology

Tel:  +90 312 212 68 00
Fax: +90 312 313 00 03

Marmara University Faculty of Theology

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